Industries We Serve

Information exchange is a critical part of every business transaction—and the pressures to get it right have never been greater. Tougher competition, stiffer reporting requirements and the 24-hour pace of global business demand information exchange that’s instant, accurate and totally secure. delivers for leaders in every industry.

Investment Banking

Your business may be all about money—but your transactions are all about information. In every deal, you have to organize, update and share high volumes of confidential, time-sensitive data with participants inside and outside your organization. more »

Commercial Banking

Whether your bank is local or global, you’re involved regularly in transactions that bring together important assets, numerous players and the exchange of  confidential information. makes it safe and simple. more »

Private Equity

When it comes to harnessing virtual data rooms for sophisticated, multiparty information exchange, the private equity industry is the ultimate power user. solutions are built to meet your tough demands. more »

Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Every innovation in biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals represents years of effort, millions of dollars and mountains of data. Protect your information as you share it with more »

Energy, Oil & Gas

There’s no industry more globalized or complex than energy. For successful day-to-day operations and effective fundraising, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, information has to flow smoothly and securely—everywhere and in real time. makes it happen. more »


There are as many legal uses for a virtual data room as there are types of attorneys. gives you the power to do more with convenience, speed and security. more »

Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate, virtual data rooms have emerged as a revolutionary tool for accelerating deals and managing the exchange of property information. See how can transform your business. more »


Firms of all types and sizes have embraced virtual data room technology to streamline day-to-day operations and complete confidential transactions. Make your partner for fast, secure information exchange. more »