Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

The reach and complexity of government regulation continue to expand. Like Sarbanes-Oxley, some mandates affect publicly held companies in nearly every industry. Others, like HIPAA, Health Level 7 and SWIFT, target health care, financial services and other specific verticals. Regardless of your sector, regulation and reporting are a way of life in today’s business world.

To keep compliance from becoming a costly, time-consuming drain on your company’s productivity, your managers and compliance team need an efficient, secure way to organize data, track performance and share results with third-party regulators.

We've built to meet the complex information challenges of regulatory compliance and reporting. Documents are incredibly easy to upload and organize with bulk tools and automatic indexing. Multidimensional access controls let you decide exactly who sees what—from total access for members of your team to selected access for advisors, general employees and other users.

Version control lets you keep reports in progress and always reference the latest version. As regulators review documents you give them access rights to, detailed activity reports provide an audit trail about what they viewed and when.