Strategic Procurement

Companies of all sizes are saying goodbye to piecemeal procurement in favor of a strategic approach that lowers costs and boosts efficiency. Buying goods and services more efficiently is a data-driven process that demands the fast, accurate, secure sharing of information—internally and with outside vendors.

At every stage—from procurement planning to supplier selection, contracting and performance monitoring—you need a secure data clearinghouse that can store and organize your information safely and serve as a resource for your team and the vendors you’re evaluating or purchasing from. On both sides of the purchasing transaction, timely, secure communication of the details needed to bid, evaluate and buy is critical. is a feature-rich powerhouse for strategic procurement. Bulk upload and automatic indexing tools make it easy to populate your data room and create intuitive file and folder structures. Multidimensional access controls let you determine exactly which documents users can see what they can do with them. For example, key employees could view catalogs and place and track orders—and vendors could view RFPs and upload responses to folders you specify.

Built-in confidentiality agreements and registration forms ensure that only the users you approve have access. Communication tools ensure fairness by providing consistent information to all vendors at the same time. Activity tracking lets you see exactly when documents were viewed and uploaded, so you there’s never a question about whether a deadline was met or missed.