Investor reporting

Investment reporting has to address more complex securities and instruments than ever before. Structured and multilayered products, derivatives—the information you need to communicate and your responsibilities to investors are challenging enough. The actual dissemination doesn't have to be.

You need an information-sharing platform that simplifies and streamlines the reporting process—while controlling access and keeping all of your confidential information secure. Growing numbers of investors are opting for paperless reporting—and you need an easy way to catalog and disseminate critical reports, with audit-ready tracking that proves your reporting is on time, consistent and accessible. makes it easy and affordable to operate a high-performance information clearinghouse for your team, advisors and clients. First, your data room functions as a 24-7 online management tool for your internal staff and advisors—a repository for planning, performance tracking, market and competitor information, and more.

It’s also the perfect place to house reports in progress and final versions that are ready to share with clients. Your emails to investors can include convenient links to the latest reports and updates stored in your data room. Detailed activity tracking lets you know exactly which documents investors view and when—down to the page level. Custom branding makes your room a seamless extension of your identity and technology.