Secure Document Exchange

Every element of corporate management—strategy, finance, product development, marketing, customer relations, human resources and more—depends on information. If you can’t share data quickly, consistently and securely with key internal and external audiences across the country and around the world, you can’t run a successful enterprise.

You need a document management platform that makes it easy to store and organize a wide range of strategic and operational information—and share it safely with fine-grained access controls. Traditional electronic methods—email, FTP, consumer-oriented document exchanges—may outperform paper, but they can’t deliver the security, control and tracking your highly confidential materials demand. provides a convenient, safe and flexible way to store, manage and share sensitive corporate documentation across multiple locations, offices and subsidiaries. By creating groups and assigning specific access rights, you can let your teams share the exact information they need to perform at their best.

Front-line managers and employees, for example, can access policies and procedures without viewing any other content in the data room. And your external partners can access the information you give them rights to—and even upload data in folders you specify. Communications tools provide consistent auditable notifications, and activity tracking gives you a detailed view of document access to the page level.