Private Equity

When it comes to harnessing virtual data rooms for sophisticated, multiparty information exchange, the private equity industry is the ultimate power user. The due diligence demands are fierce—for your firm as you review potential acquisitions and for your investors as they evaluate opportunities. After you’ve acquired a company, active ownership demands a secure, efficient clearinghouse for information exchange, collaboration, compliance and reporting.

Leading private equity firms choose for their high-impact transactions and operations because they know we deliver excellence—every room, every time. With, you’ll get unmatched security, power and capacity backed by smart, personalized customer service. Our industry-leading functionality includes easy upload and indexing, elite digital rights management technology, fully customized digital document watermarks, real-time tracking and reporting of all user activity, multidimensional access controls, enterprise search with onboard optical character recognition technology, bulk printing, question and answer management, new document notifications, secure user messaging and more.

Acquisition, investment, value enhancement, exit—at every stage in the private equity lifecycle, we’ll help you drive profitability and streamline operations with smart, flexible, powerful data exchange. As the industry’s most innovative VDR provider, is the deal accelerator you won’t want to live without.

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