The virtual data room experience

Getting started with your first virtual data room may seem like a major hurdle. But don’t worry; you’re in the right place. is equipped to handle every phase of your VDR project. Over years of working with clients with a wide variety of preferences and needs, we’ve developed a smooth, friendly process that makes it all easy.

From choosing your plan and loading and organizing documents to managing your room, adding capacity if needs change, closing the room and ordering a permanent archive, we’ve made it so simple, you can do it yourself. Or a skilled account manager can provide expert, personal guidance at every step in the process.

Create your data room

We're proud of our technology and service—that’s why we invite you to dig in and see for yourself how everything works. If you want to get up and running today, you can pay by credit card and launch a room immediately. Or you can take a test drive with a fully functioning free virtual data room trial—there’s no need to even give us a payment method. When you’re ready to buy, you’ll see the option to convert your trial to a commercial account.

You can customize your VDR to your exact specifications for size, functionality and duration. Buy exactly what you need—and never pay for more. Once you’ve provisioned your data room online, our implementation team will begin immediate setup of your fully branded data room portal.

Meet your account manager

Whether you start a free trial account or buy a subscription, you’ll receive an email from your dedicated account manager minutes after getting started. The email will include complete contact information so you can get in touch whenever you have questions or need a hand. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or would like guidance throughout the process, your account manager is always available by phone, email or online chat.

Populate your data room

Advanced tools—like drag and drop from your desktop and zip file upload—make it quick and easy to add documents to your data room. Create your own custom file structure or use one of our preconfigured industry-level due diligence checklists. Do it yourself, get some coaching or rely on us to handle the entire task of document uploading and indexing. We’re here to help you get your room up and running fast.

Set access controls and invite users

Think about the people inside and outside your organization who’ll need access to the information in your data room—members of your internal team; advisors like accountants and attorneys; potential investors, buyers, partners, etc. We make it easy to upload contacts and create logical user groups. Once you’ve created groups, our multidimensional access controls let you dictate with great specificity what documents members of a group can see—and exactly what they can do with them. Your may want your own team to have total access—while external users have more limited scope. You can even give some groups the ability to upload documents into locations you specify.

After you create groups and assign rights, it’s easy to invite users to your VDR with our automatic credentialing and built-in email functionality. There’s no need to manually create user names and passwords—the system does it all for you.

You can create groups, assign access and invite users yourself—or ask your account manager to do the heavy lifting. We’ll handle the whole process or help you along the way.

Monitor, control and communicate

Once your data room is up and running, we make easy to communicate with your users and monitor activity in real time. New document and version notifications let users know when information has changed. Email tools let you reach out to everyone in bulk or target specific audiences. Our advanced question-and-answer module gives you a powerful way to field questions, route them to the right responders—and even share answers broadly for enhanced knowledge sharing.

If there are documents or users you’re especially interested in monitoring, you can set up watches that notify you about action minute by minute. Our robust reporting tools let you slice activity in myriad ways for analysis, format customized reports and download data into other software. gives you a single, user-friendly dashboard to view and manage all of the activity in one data room—or dozens. And, as always, your dedicated account manager is available by phone, email or chat with answers and support.

Closing your data room

If you’re using your data room for a specific transaction, you’ll close it when the deal is done. With, nothing in your room is ever lost—even after you shut it down. Our optional DVD service creates a functional, 100-percent accurate record of all data room content and user activity—including all electronically signed confidentiality agreements. It’s perfect for compliance requirements, corporate recordkeeping and long-term archiving. The DVD contains an HTML file with a complete, functioning index of the data rom. You can drill down on all folders, view all documents and access a complete user activity log. Everything’s downloadable for use in other software programs.