Question & Answer MangementQUESTION & ANSWER MANAGEMENT makes it easy to create and manage the effective question-and-answer process that complex transactions demand. You control the entire Q&A process—from the content users can ask about and the types of questions they can pose to who answers specific types of questions and how broadly the information is shared.

Specify categories and experts

For each piece of content in your data room, you can enable questions in a range of standard categories, like financial, general, legal, tax, technical, etc., or customize your own. For each category, you decide the member of your team who’ll receive and respond to questions posed by users. Your expert receives an email when a new question is asked and logs in to respond.

Share the knowledge

The answer goes back to the questioner by email and—as a knowledge-sharing enhancement—to other users your expert selects. You can configure the system to include question and response content in these emails or require users to log in to your data room so you can track who’s seen what.

Easy-to-use Q&A dashboard

Each user has a Q&A dashboard that lists the questions they’ve asked, responses they’ve received and other Q&A information that’s been shared. Your dashboard is even more detailed, with a record of every user, question and response. A fast and simple Excel export features lets you download Q&A activity into a spreadsheet sorted by question.