Multidimensional access controlMULTIDIMENSIONAL ACCESS CONTROL

Whether you’re facilitating a complex transaction or managing an ongoing information exchange, creating a secure place to store, organize and share your data is an important first step. But even more critical is having total, detailed control over who can see which files and what they can do with them. That’s where low-grade data-sharing solutions built for consumers fall painfully short.

Total control—even with hundreds of users

You may authorize dozens—even hundreds—of people to use your data room, each with different information needs and privileges. makes it easy to organize these users into groups and give them rights only to the documents you want them to see.

Groups can only do what you allow

Our advanced interface lets you easily manage even the most complex access scenarios. Create groups and add multiple or single users with a click. For each group, you can assign rights to view specific folders and documents, and enforce additional document security controls. You can prevent saving, printing, copying, pasting and screenshots. You can also enable document watermarks, so every document opened is stamped as your proprietary information.

If a group doesn’t have rights to a document or folder, the materials are completely hidden—as if they don’t exist. So there’s never a chance that highly confidential documents, like human resources records, will be exposed to unauthorized users.

Multitiered administrative control

When it comes to configuring administrator-level access, it’s critically important that users never receive more administrative control than absolutely necessary. sets the standard for multitiered administration. We make it easy to assign and remove administrative functions—adding documents, adding folders, viewing activity logs, viewing and editing user access rights, accessing the Q&A module, etc.—as you see fit.

As easy to take away as they are to give

Because situations evolve and participants change, you can add or remove rights in an instant. As your transaction moves forward, for example, you may expand a group’s access to additional content or decide to allow printing and saving of certain documents. User access rights are never all or nothing. And they’re always easy to change.

See all rights at a glance

Even though you’ve assigned access to multiple groups for numerous files, you can always see rights across the whole data room in a single view.