Intellectual Property Development and Licensing

Intellectual property—patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and other knowledge—ranks as one of a company’s most valuable assets. Your organization's IP needs to be protected at every stage in its development—and especially when you’re considering sharing it with another enterprise. Licensing—in or out—requires utmost security in disclosure and due diligence.

Before an IP agreement is signed, both parties need to investigate the assets, validate ownership and assess their value. You need a due diligence platform that lets you share and receive information with the confidence that it’s secure at rest and in transit—and can only be viewed by users you’ve approved for access. creates the secure, efficient information clearinghouse your mission-critical IP deserves. You can share access broadly among your team—and selectively with potential partners. You have granular control over exactly what each group of users can do with information you give them access to, including downloading, copying, printing and more.

Built-in electronic confidentiality agreements eliminate the hassle of paper documentation and ensure that only users you've approved have access to data room files. Dynamic watermarks travel with your documents, and activity tracking lets you see exactly when users access documents and what actions they took. To protect your IP assets, harness the breakthrough technology of