End-to-end document securityEND-TO-END DOCUMENT SECURITY

Document security is what launching a data room is all about—and it’s the driving reason you should launch yours on We know that protecting your highly confidential information is a daunting challenge and a critical component of your success. Secure user credentialing is just the beginning. We go to extreme measures to safeguard your data at every step in its journey.

Digital rights management

PDFGuardTM, our advanced DRM technology, places security locks on your files to ensure that the right people can access the right information at the right time. You control exactly which files people can view and what they can do with them—including downloading, saving, printing, copying/pasting, even taking screenshots with third-party tools like Snagit and the Windows snipping tool.

Downloaded documents stay protected

Downloaded documents retain all of the security controls you assign in the data room, including watermarks. You can track every action remote users take, including how long they view specific pages, which pages they print and on which printer. Digital shredding lets you revoke access to documents remotely when you remove files or cancel a user’s rights.

Two complementary solutions

To meet the varying needs of our global client base, has integrated multiple DRM solutions from leading providers. Our PrizmProtectTM solution—built on widely adopted Flash-based technology—offers many of the same safeguards as PDFGuard in a seamless user experience. Use it alone—or combine it with PDFGuard for optimal document protection.

Document watermarks—the way you want them

Digital watermarks are a powerful way to protect your documents wherever they go. By stamping files with detailed information about the current user or document—including email address, IP address, time of access, document name and a unique document identifier, watermarks make it impossible for users to disseminate your proprietary information anonymously.

You can enable watermarks for specific documents, folders or users. Watermarks are fully customizable—create them with preconfigured tags or use your own text. You can control the location on the page, style, text orientation, color, opacity and font. We even let you overlay an image on your watermark—perfect for your logo or other graphic element. Once you’ve attached a watermark, it stays put—providing protection against camera-based attacks and identifying a document’s source when printed.

Physical document security

We protect your critical information in world-class data centers that adhere to the highest standards of compliance and certification, including:

  • Service Organization Control (SOC) 1
  • Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type II (Formerly SAS 70)
  • Service Organization Control (SOC) 3
  • ISO 27001

State-of-the-art protection and backup

Our data centers are located throughout the country with failover environments to keep you up and running even in the event of a disaster. Each center features around-the-clock staffing and monitoring, intrusion prevention and detection systems, continuous connectivity, power backup systems and environmental controls. Encrypted, real-time backups of all documents and data let you rest easy knowing your information is always protected.

Total security at rest and in transit

In addition to the redundancy and compliance offered by our secure data centers, takes extreme measures to protect your information at the document level. Your data is 256-bit SSL encrypted in transit—while being uploaded or downloaded—and stored in encrypted form at rest. In addition, when you use our PDFGuardTM digital rights management technology, the system places “encrypted wrappers” around documents allowing you to maintain control and track access—even after they’re downloaded.