Private Placements

Selling debt or equity through a private placement can be a quicker, more affordable way to secure an infusion of cash for your company. But success depends on giving your potential investors a convenient, secure platform for comprehensive due diligence.

You have to put your best foot forward with a data room solution that can handle thousands of documents and unlimited users, streamline communications, and meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

State and federal securities laws require you to disclose all of the pertinent information investors need to make a fully informed decision. The challenge demands a data room that performs perfectly, extends your brand and reflects your professionalism and stability. is the ultimate engine for private placement due diligence. Our bulk upload and automatic numerical indexing make it easy to organize all of the information related to your offer—from the private placement memorandum to backup detail. Multidimensional access controls let you decide exactly who sees what—down to the document level—and make changes instantly if access requirements change.

You’ll field a wide range of questions from potential investors. Managing the process is easy with our powerful Q&A module. Our notification system ensures that everyone receives the same information when new documents are added. And activity tracking lets you see in real time who’s accessing your documents. Every activity is recorded and available as a final audit-ready record through our optional DVD service.