We’ve loaded with powerful features that make your data room experience faster, safer and more convenient. From launch to closeout, you’ll discover built-in tools that streamline every step of the process. Welcome to the richest feature set in the VDR industry.

Fast, Intuitive User Experience Fast, intuitive user experience combines sophisticated technology with a friendly, familiar interface that’s easy to use. We’ve simplified every step and built intelligence into every aspect of the system more »

Multidimensional access control Multidimensional access control

We give you complete control over who has access to your data room—and exactly what they can do with the documents you let them view. more »

End-to-end document security End-to-end document security

Your information is safe at rest and in transit. World-class data centers and premier digital rights management technology combine for total security. more »

Real-time activity tracking and reporting Real-time activity tracking and reporting

You’ll always know who’s accessing your data room—and what they’re viewing down to the page level. Reports provide an invaluable, tamper-proof audit trail. more »

Critical event notifications Critical event notifications

Keep users up date about new documents and versions with customizable notifications—and set document watches to tell you when a key document is viewed or used. more »

Full-text search with OCR Full-text search with OCR

Information is only valuable if you can access it easily. offers full-text search with onboard optical character recognition. more »

Bulk upload, download and printing Bulk upload, download and printing

Our bulk tools make it fast and easy to get information in and out of your data room—even when you’re dealing with thousands of documents. more »

Automatic numerical indexing Automatic numerical indexing

Complex information becomes remarkably easy to use with our indexing technology. Keep your current file structure—or let index everything automatically. more »

Advanced Q&A management Advanced Q&A management

Fielding and responding to questions are a critical part of due diligence—and our powerful Q&A module lets you designate experts, disseminate responses and more. more »

Custom branding Custom branding

Present your VDR as an extension of your company brand with full personalization options including—site URL, user interface and emails. more »

Secure user messaging Secure user messaging

Avoid the security lapses of email with our built-in messaging technology. You can send a message to one user—or entire groups of users—with a click. more »

Document version control Document version control

As documents evolve, we make it easy to annotate and track updated versions—and control exactly which versions users can see and use. more »

Electronic confidentiality agreements Electronic confidentiality agreements

Say goodbye to hard-copy confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Everything’s online and easy for users to execute before they can access your data. more »

Mobile compatibility/Secure iOS viewer Mobile compatibility/Secure iOS viewer

Our secure iOS viewer gives you and your users protected VDR access from iPhones and iPads—and pages load as you need them for fast viewing. more »