Bulk Upload, Download & PrintingBULK UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD AND PRINTING

To keep your transactions and initiatives flowing smoothly, you need to efficiently manage large volumes of documents. The bulk tools we’ve built into make it simple to populate and manage rooms containing hundreds of thousands of documents.


We make uploading easy with fast, friendly options that work with your browser and internal IT requirements. Option one—drag and drop entire sets of folders, subfolders and documents directly from your desktop. Option two—upload and extract a zipped folder containing your folders, subfolders and documents. will preserve your folder and file structure when extracting the zip file into your data room. Option three lets you upload multiple files into a single folder using widely adopted Flash-based technology.


We eliminate the hassle of opening files before they can be downloaded. Bulk downloading lets you and your users download multiple folders and documents—and keeps the numerical index intact. And when you enable PDFGuardTM, the security settings you put in place travel with every document. Even after downloading, you can control and track access to documents, including watermarks, saving and printing, screenshots and more. And if you remove a file or cancel a user’s rights, remote digital shredding deletes the downloaded document.


We let you and your users bulk print without opening files one by one. You can select multiple documents in a folder or print the entire folder. The system shows you exactly what you’re printing then creates a batch print file with a cover sheet for every document in the batch. More than 300 file types are batch printable, including documents, emails, spreadsheets, graphics and more. To protect your information, the highest security settings for any one document in the batch file are applied to the entire printed set.