Energy, Oil & Gas

There’s no industry more globalized or complex than energy. For successful day-to-day operations and effective fundraising, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, information has to flow smoothly and securely—everywhere and in real time. High-powered virtual data rooms—adopted early by industry innovators—play a major role in how today’s energy deals get done. is a recognized virtual data room leader in the energy sector. We deliver a level of personalized customer service that’s unusual in business today—backed by performance and innovation that our competitors can’t match. Our comprehensive functionality includes easy upload and indexing, elite digital rights management technology, fully customized digital document watermarks, real-time tracking and reporting of all user activity, multidimensional access controls, enterprise search with onboard optical character recognition technology, bulk printing, question and answer management, new document notifications, secure user messaging and more.

From smarter ways to produce oil and gas to innovative alternatives, the energy industry is changing the way the world fuels its future. We’re proud to help. Launch a VDR with and experience how smart, flexible, powerful data exchange can streamline your operations and enhance profitability.

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