Access to a tamper-proof audit trail of all data room activity can be invaluable for business intelligence and protection against legal claims. From administrative tasks—including document uploads, deletions and changes in access rights—to document views and downloads, nothing happens in your VDR that isn’t tracked.

Who, when and where

When you set up a data room, you want to know who’s looking at your information when and from where. uses IP-address geocoding to track the location of your users, including city, state and country. Flexible, interactive reporting provides both high-level and detailed views into your data room activity.

Schedule automated recurring reports

Keep key executives and project participants informed by creating customized data room activity reports and have them automatically delivered on defined recurring schedules. Design your reports to track activity across the entire data room, on select data room content or for specific sets of data room users. Report recipients can gather key intelligence by analyzing a report's multiple data views including summaries of activity by user, access group, company and the specific locations in the data room where the activity is occurring.

Interactive, real-time reporting

Execute instant reports based on an expansive list of data filters for real-time access to your data room user activity. Summary reports can be run to give a high level overview of activity by user, company, access group, which documents were accessed the most, etc. while our detailed activity reporting engine provides a precise view into individual activity log data.

Activity email notifications

In most virtual data room driven processes there comes a time where it is extremely valuable to know exactly who is accessing a key document (or set of documents). With authorized users can setup a document watch to monitor access to one or more documents and receive email updates on user activity via email.

Export and archive

It's simple to export activity reports to Excel for more in-depth analysis. When you use our interactive DVD service when you close your data room, we’ll include all user activity reports on the disc.