Secure User MessagingSECURE USER MESSAGING gives you an easy, secure way to share updates and announcements from inside your data room itself—instead of relying on cumbersome, unsecured email.

Message everyone—or a select few

You can send a message simultaneously to multiple groups of users with a click—or send specific messages to individual users. Because email addresses are loaded into the system when users register, you never have to create or maintain a separate mailing list.

Every message is safe and viewable only after login

In addition to sensitive documents, business transactions often involve confidential communication among parties. When you send a secure message through, your users receive an email telling them that a message is waiting in the data room. Because they have to log in to view the message, your content is always protected and only available to the people you’ve authorized.

A powerful tool for monitoring interest

When you send a message, you can ask the system to notify you when a user logs in and views it. Notifications give you critical insights into which users are still interested and actively engaged in the data room process.

Central control from one easy dashboard

Your messaging dashboard is a convenient master control panel for all of the messages you’ve sent or received. You can send and receive messages and track recipient activity from one powerful screen.