Corporate Information Exchange

If your business isn’t using a virtual data room to securely store and share strategic corporate information, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful management advantages of the digital age. A VDR from enables you to communicate conveniently and safely with your internal team and external audiences—around the world and in real time—with total control over which documents users can see and exactly what they can do with them. Tamperproof activity tracking provides critical data for regulatory compliance and internal accountability.

Governance and finance

We give you a convenient, totally secure way to share governance and financial information with board members and management in locations worldwide. more »

Investor reporting makes it easy and affordable to operate a high-performance information clearinghouse for your team, advisors and clients. more »

Regulatory compliance and reporting

Your managers and compliance team need an efficient, secure way to organize data, track performance and share results with third-party regulators. more »

Joint ventures and strategic alliances is a high-powered due diligence engine for disclosing confidential information securely, engaging in negotiations, drafting and reviewing contracts, and ongoing management. more »

Intellectual property development and licensing

Your organization’s intellectual property needs to be protected at every stage in its development—and especially when you’re considering sharing it with another enterprise. more »

Strategic procurement

At every stage—from procurement planning to supplier selection, contracting and performance monitoring— gives you a secure data clearinghouse for streamlined procurement. more »

Secure document exchange provides a convenient, safe and flexible way to store, manage and share sensitive corporate documentation across multiple locations, offices and subsidiaries. more »