Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate, virtual data rooms have emerged as a revolutionary tool for accelerating deals and maximizing value. VDRs let you provide secure information access to anyone, anywhere—with complete control over what they can see and do. Vital for buying and selling commercial properties—and for ongoing asset management—the right VDR can be your firm’s best friend. drives deals for major leaders in commercial real estate. We deliver a level of personalized customer service that’s unusual in business today—backed by performance and innovation that our competitors can’t match. Our comprehensive functionality includes easy upload and indexing, elite digital rights management technology, fully customized digital document watermarks, real-time tracking and reporting of all user activity, multidimensional access controls, enterprise search with onboard optical character recognition technology, bulk printing, question and answer management, new document notifications, secure user messaging and more.

Count on for the power and security you need to work faster and smarter than ever before. Our flexible pricing, innovative features and personalized customer service will have you coming back deal after deal. Let’s go to work.

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