Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Bankruptcy and restructuring are among the most disclosure-intensive processes a company will ever face. Information you normally share only internally has to be controlled, managed and disclosed to a broad range of entities and individuals. Key stakeholders—creditors, banks, trustees, attorneys, financial advisors and more—expect your information to be organized and easily accessible.

You have to juggle daunting management challenges—evaluating alternate strategies, negotiating with various stakeholders, implementing new and difficult business plans, and satisfying regulatory and reporting requirements—while continuing to operate your business. You need an information-sharing platform that’s as easy to use as it is powerful. is perfectly designed to handle the complex disclosure requirements of bankruptcy and restructuring. The volume and variety of information you’re required to share can seem overwhelming—but our tools for easy upload and organization create order out of chaos.

Dozens of different groups will have vastly different rights and requirements for document access. Our multidimensional controls let you implement the most nuanced user controls down to the document level—and change rights instantly when needs change.

Users can copy paste, print, email only if you give them rights. And watermarks and other security controls you add to documents stay put—even when they’re downloaded. Our comprehensive Q&A module lets you manage multiple threads of inquiry and share information as appropriate.