Buy-Side Mergers and Acquisitions

When you're considering the acquisition of another company, you have to specify, gather and analyze mountains of data. You’re asking your target to disclose its most confidential information—strategy, financials, intellectual property and more.

Whether you’re reviewing one company or several, you need a powerful data-sharing platform with security features that let you tightly control access—among your own team, your potential acquisition and outside consultants. You’ll handle dozens—even hundreds—of responses to your questions, so you need a Q&A module that can create order out of chaos. streamlines acquisition due diligence. We turn the long list of things you need to know from a potential target into a dynamic file structure that guides the data submission process. The company you’re considering uploads the requested information to a specific location—without rights to view anything else in the room. Providing a solution that’s easy to use, professional and totally secure gives your target peace of mind and underscores your commitment as a serious, experienced buyer.

Throughout the transaction, we keep communication flowing smoothly and securely with a host of features, including new document notifications, total Q&A management and secure user messaging. will accelerate your transaction and maximize deal value—and our optional DVD service provides a complete record of data room contents and activity for you and the seller.