Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

When you’re considering a joint venture or strategic alliance, the due diligence bar is set higher than ever. Business and sales plans, financial and tax information, intellectual property, contracts, litigation, employee matters, government approvals and permits, insurance and more—potential partners must share and analyze a wide range of proprietary information to build trust and make sure they can work together effectively.

You need a high-powered due diligence engine that lets you disclose confidential information securely, engage in negotiations, draft and review contracts, and administer the relationship once it’s established. creates the ideal environment for the formation and ongoing management of joint ventures and strategic alliances. Loading and organizing your information is easy with our bulk upload and automatic indexing tools. Multidimensional access controls let you give potential partners the ability to view the documents you select—as well as upload their own data in folders you specify.

You always have complete control over the information users can see—and exactly what they can do with it, down to the page level. Joint ventures and strategic alliances are the ultimate business relationships— makes it easier to build and manage them safely.