Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

Every innovation in biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals represents years of effort, millions of dollars and mountains of data. Research and development, fundraising, strategic partnerships, clinical trials. Every step in the process—from first insight to market launch—requires the secure exchange of intellectual property that can make or break your product—and affect your long-term success. is proud to work with leaders in the life science and pharmaceutical industries. They value our personalized customer service, commitment to innovation and rigorous security safeguards. Our high-performance functionality includes easy upload and indexing, elite digital rights management technology, fully customized digital document watermarks, real-time tracking and reporting of all user activity, multidimensional access controls, enterprise search with onboard optical character recognition technology, bulk printing, question and answer management, new document notifications, secure user messaging and more.

Your innovative thinking deserves the best in information-sharing security, functionality and service. You’ll get all three every time you launch a VDR with We’re here to help you streamline the data exchange that turns scientific insights into life-changing reality.

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