Debt and Equity Fundraising

Raising money for your business means putting your corporate life under a microscope. Potential funders—private equity firms, growth equity investors, hedge funds, banks, high-net-worth individuals and more—expect a comprehensive, convenient way to assess the opportunity you offer and perform in-depth due diligence on your company.

You need an information-sharing platform that reflects your stability and professionalism—and protects your data with ironclad security. You’re competing with hundreds of other investment options; put your best foot forward with

We’ll help you create a data room that’s as easy for you to populate and control as it is for your potential funders to use. From the moment they log in, they’ll find a safe, well-organized environment to view your plan, get answers to their questions and access the in-depth information they need to make a strategic investment in your company.

We’ve designed dozens of features that make your job easier. Our robust Q&A module lets you respond by email and manage the entire process. Real-time activity tracking lets you see moment by moment which documents users are accessing most—down to the page level. Knowing who’s really interested enables you to provide timely follow-up that can close the deal.