Custom Branding CUSTOM BRANDING gives you the power to keep your company identity hidden or present your VDR as an extension of your brand. In situations where custom branding offers a competitive advantage, we make it easy and effective.

With every data room, you have the option of receiving:

  • A custom URL——that links smoothly from your website or Intranet
  • A branded login screen and application header with your logo and colors
  • Branded email messaging with your company name as the sender and your logo in the body of the email

A seamless extension of your brand

The result is an easy-to-use, technologically advanced data room that’s a seamless extension of your company’s identity and existing information systems. You get the industry’s smartest user interface and most powerful tools—customized with the look and feel of your brand.

See it before you buy

When you start a free trial using an email address with a valid company domain, our implementation team will create a branded site for your review. In minutes, you’ll get a full preview of how your data room will look if you convert to a paid subscription and select custom branding.