Oil and Gas Acquisitions and Divestitures

Buying and selling oil and gas properties are some of the most complex transactions in business today. If you’re an advisory firm or investment bank assisting clients, you need an information clearinghouse and due diligence platform that streamlines the process and inspires confidence in buyers and sellers.

You’ll be preparing, evaluating and sharing a wide variety of financial, technical and market data. You need to give your team and key advisors broad access—and control exactly what other users can see. You need to show properties in a complete, concise, properly organized and user-friendly package that helps potential buyers assess the opportunity quickly and efficiently. And when a buyer emerges, you need to help both sides of the transaction move smoothly through due diligence, negotiations and purchase.

We understand the needs of the oil and gas industry and has become the provider of choice for advisory firms and investment banks representing energy assets. Our technology includes dozens of high-performance features that make the process easier and more efficient. Because each deal includes mountains of complex engineering, geological, production, marketing, financial and tax data, our bulk upload and automatic indexing tools make it fast and easy to keep everything organized.

Multidimensional access tools let you assign rights by group to the document level. Linking your website and email marketing to an uploaded marketing brochure gives interested parties an easy way to get basic information and register for complete data room access. Built-in registration forms and confidentiality agreements give you the final say on who views deal details.