Project Due Diligence makes it easy and affordable to organize, manage and securely share mountains of information with dozens—even hundreds—of colleagues, attorneys, accountants and potential partners. From bulk uploading and robust question and answer management to premier document rights management, you’ll discover features that streamline every aspect of due diligence information sharing.

Sell-side M&A gives you a secure, high-performance platform for organizing, protecting and sharing your highly confidential data with the right people at the right time. more »

Buy-side M&A

You need a powerful data-sharing platform with security features that let you tightly control access—among your own team, your potential acquisition and outside consultants. more »

Debt and equity fundraising

Raising money for your business means putting your corporate life under a microscope and competing with hundreds of other business investment options. more »

Private placements

Selling debt or equity through a private placement demands a data room that performs perfectly, extends your brand, and reflects your professionalism and stability. more »

Bankruptcy and restructuring

Your key stakeholders—creditors, banks, trustees, attorneys, financial advisors and more—expect bankruptcy and restructuring information to be organized and easily accessible. more »

Loan syndication

As loan arranger or agent, you need a robust, technologically advanced data room that will meet the expectations of diverse, demanding partners. more »

Legal proceedings

We’ve built to handle the complex, time-sensitive information needs of the legal process—preparation, disposition and follow-up. more »