Loan Syndication

Loan syndication is a perfect storm of complex, multiparty due diligence. Whether you’re arranging the loan for a client or administering it on behalf of the syndicate, the information and communication needs are dynamic and ongoing. The borrower needs to know that its most confidential corporate information is secure and seen only by the right eyes at the right time.

Lenders—whether there are three or three dozen—need a convenient, efficient platform to analyze the borrower’s credit, assess the facility and comment on proposed terms, conditions and documentation. As arranger or agent, you need a robust, technologically advanced data room that will meet the expectations of diverse, demanding partners. is custom built for the exigencies of syndicated loan due diligence. The borrower can have complete confidence that key financial and strategic data are safe—shared through multidimensional controls that lock down access to the document level. As potential lenders assess the opportunity, activity tracking lets you see exactly which documents interest them most.

Our high-powered Q&A module makes it easy to route questions to the appropriate experts on your team. A suite of communications tools let you share information broadly or with a single user. Throughout the life of the loan, keeps a dynamic record of all activity—captured on disc through our optional DVD service.